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Barcode scanning has landed!

ยท 2 min read
Ben Major

After the successful launch of our mobile apps, and following consultation with our customers, we're pleased to announce our biggest update yet!

The new version of our apps (1.2) just landed in the App Store (for iOS) and the Play Store (for Android) introduces barcode scanning to quickly find items and add new ones to your Kolekto collections. To get started, simply navigate to the category you'd like to add the item to, and tap the "+" button in the header. Tap on "Scan barcode", and simply scan the barcode on the item you wish to add. Kolekto will look up the details for the item from our database of over 300 million items, and automatically fill in the name of your new item.

Once you've added an item using the barcode feature, you can quickly identify it by scanning the barcode again from the dashboard. If the barcode that you've scanned matches an item already added to your collections using its barcode, you can quickly tap the item to see its information.

We're sure this feature is going to be a huge time-saver when inventorying your household objects and assets. It works for books, collectibles, medication and general household items (anything that has a GTIN assigned to it), so whatever you're scanning, rest assured that you can inventory it with Kolekto.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature, so if you already have our mobile app installed on your device, please head over to the app store of your choice and download our latest update today.

We've got lots of new features planned in the near future too, so please keep a look out on our socials for feature announcements, news and more.

Happy collecting!
The Kolekto Team.