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One min read
Ben Major

We always listen to the feedback of our users, and one of the most requested features for Kolekto in 2023 was the ability to import items into our platform from other software / inventory services. We listened, and we're delighted to announce that item importing is now available from the web app.

You can now import items from a simple CSV file into any categories that you have already set up in Kolekto, complete with custom attribute support. To get started, simply head over to the app and navigate to the "Import" screen using the left-hand menu. You can import an unlimited number of items into your collections. To learn more about preparing your CSV file for import, please see our support article.

Happy collecting! 馃榾

2 min read
Ben Major

After the successful launch of our mobile apps, and following consultation with our customers, we're pleased to announce our biggest update yet!

The new version of our apps (1.2) just landed in the App Store (for iOS) and the Play Store (for Android) introduces barcode scanning to quickly find items and add new ones to your Kolekto collections. To get started, simply navigate to the category you'd like to add the item to, and tap the "+" button in the header. Tap on "Scan barcode", and simply scan the barcode on the item you wish to add. Kolekto will look up the details for the item from our database of over 300 million items, and automatically fill in the name of your new item.

Once you've added an item using the barcode feature, you can quickly identify it by scanning the barcode again from the dashboard. If the barcode that you've scanned matches an item already added to your collections using its barcode, you can quickly tap the item to see its information.

We're sure this feature is going to be a huge time-saver when inventorying your household objects and assets. It works for books, collectibles, medication and general household items (anything that has a GTIN assigned to it), so whatever you're scanning, rest assured that you can inventory it with Kolekto.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this new feature, so if you already have our mobile app installed on your device, please head over to the app store of your choice and download our latest update today.

We've got lots of new features planned in the near future too, so please keep a look out on our socials for feature announcements, news and more.

Happy collecting!
The Kolekto Team.

One min read
Ben Major

We've been working on hard bringing some new features to the platform, and following a consultation with our users, we're pleased to say that we have just released a new update for our web and mobile apps. While it was possible to edit a custom attribute's name, we've now added in the ability to edit the values or meta data for attributes too. You can now modify the list values that are available in a list attribute, or change the currency of a Price attribute once you've created it.

The new update is now available via the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS.

We're also working on a brand new feature that we think is going to transform how you add items to Kolekto, so please stay tuned for an update on that in the coming days!

Happy collecting 馃榾

2 min read
Ben Major

First of all, we've been absolutely overwhelmed with the response that Kokekto has received following our launch last week. We just wanted to offer a huge thanks to everyone who has signed up so far, and we can't wait to welcome more people aboard in the future.

Kolekto's Export functionality was designed to allow all users to quickly and easily get their item database out of the Kolekto ecosystem. This can be useful for many reasons, and also serves as a means of backing up your important collection information. However, following some fantastic customer feedback and suggestions, a popular feature request was the ability to download categories as CSV files. This allows more granular control of the content that is exported, and can be a handy reference for sharing inventory with friends, colleagues and departments.

We're pleased to announce that we have now deployed this feature, and it is available to all users via the Kolekto web app. CSV files allow you to quickly and easily download all items in a specific categories. To download a CSV, simply click on the "more actions" icon (next to the "Add item" button), and click on "Download CSV" option. Your download should begin in your browser, and will be saved to your preferred location on your local computer. The download will contain all of the items present in the current category, along with their attribute values.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature, and please stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we begin to integrate more features and customer requests.

Happy collecting!


3 min read
Ben Major

After 14 months in development, a few thousand cups of coffee and lots of late nights, we're pleased to say that today is the day we can finally announce Kolekto to the world! Our team has been working tirelessly round the clock to ensure that the platform is the best it can be. It certainly hasn't been a short journey, but it's definitely been an exciting one!

There were times when we almost abandoned the project due to various issues encountered along the way, but with perseverance and lots of excellent knowledge and hard work, we're pleased to say that we did it. We had a few hold-ups which caused us to miss our original planned deadline by a few weeks, but we wanted to make sure that we launched with the best possible product, and make sure that we had a good support mechanism in place for our customers.

So what is Kolekto?

Kolekto is the world' first cloud-based collection inventory and asset management application built specifically by collectors, for collectors. We know that no two collections are the same, so Kolekto is flexible, and grows with your inventory. Whether it's stamps, magazines, comic books or high-end fine art, Kolekto has you covered.

We spent 2 months consulting collectors of various kinds from around the globe to find out what core features and functionality they wanted to see from a collection inventory app, and then we got to work building the best solution possible. We're sure that you'll love Kolekto just as much as we do, so we invite you to sign up for our free trial and get started today.

Wait, there's a Marketplace too?

Absolutely! One of the main things we discovered during our consultation with collectors was that they wanted to be able to deal in and trade collectibles freely and openly with their fellow collectors. While other online marketplaces and popular auction sites allow collectibles to be sold, they're often expensive for sellers, and prohibitive of certain historical items and collectibles. That's why we decided that Kolekto Marketplace was a must-have feature, and we can't wait to see its popularity grow in the coming months.

What's next for the app?

We've got a lot of exciting new features planned for the future, so stay tuned. We will be updating our Roadmap regularly with the latest planned projects and additions to the application, so stay tuned for more information. We're also always keen to hear from users about features they'd like to see, so if you spot something you think would make a great addition to the app, please contact us.

Mobile apps

After waiting for Apple to approve our iOS app, we're pleased to say that we are able to launch with a free, native app for both Android and iOS. Please click the links below to view and install them from your respective app store:

All that remains really is for us to say a huge thank you to our team for their hard work in making everything possible over the last year, we couldn't have done without you!

We look forward to welcoming you all to our platform, and here's to collecting bliss with Kolekto!

The Kolekto Team.